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Waves of Events and Stuffs… March 23, 2010

Posted by leonmagnus90 in Ranting due to boredom.
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It has been so long since I last visited my own blog. The blog which I talk to when I am bored, when I am troubled, when I am in deep shit. The blog that will listen to whatever I say, without offering any advice or whatsoever to the troubled me. I figured since it’s my blog, it deserve a new posts after so long so here I am.

From my last posts, I’ve been saying I love my life now. It still stays the same for now, my life has been great. I’ve met and knew a lot more people that I had never expect to know. And out of all these, I finally met someone from my own hometown! Brunei! We met in McDonalds, thanks to my brother who introduced them both to me. Xiu Lee is the one from Brunei while Li Ying is from Melacca.  Our first encounter is quite weird… Just hello, a little bit of talking and laughter then we say our goodbyes. I had never expected to know the more than that, just acquintance.

Then one week after our first encounter, my bro asked me whether if I wanted to join them all to sing karaoke or not. Since I have nothing else to do, I decide to join in the midnight fun. My first midnight karaoke experience is with Louise… But that was long time ago. It is through this midnight KTV experience, we somehow became brother and sister. Even though I am the elder, she insisted to be the big sister, so here I am, becoming a little brother.

And because of that, now I have company for every lunch and dinner. I won’t be eating alone for anytime soon.  Aside from that, my life is shining very brightly… however, it isn’t so for my friend, Yong Jian.

I can see him troubled and stressed for the past few days. He seems tired. I just hope that he will be fine and he will bear whatever burden that fate has dumped on him. It is our duty as a human to bear all the responsibilities and handle all the problem that is thrown at us. We must bear the challenge and win. We must rise victorious. If we were to give up, then we are no differnet than surrendering ourselves to the heavy chains of Hell.

So my dearest friend, or should I say my dad, Yong Jian, stay strong. This part of the post is dedicated for you. I know you might not tell me the story that is haunting you for the past few weeks. But I am here to listen and to advice anytime you want to. I am your son after all. So don’t leave me hanging in the dark. Because whatever things that has happened to you, rest assure that I will stand by your side and support you!

Well, with all that said and done, I’ll be leaving my post to rust again… It seems that I had lost my touch in the ways of blogging. Most of my sentences don’t make sense it seems…


Blogging in the middle of a class… February 2, 2010

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Now this is something special. I had never blogged in the middle of a class before. One of the few reasons to do so is because first, this is something worth to be remembered by anyone. Second, I have completely nothing better to do inside the class. Finally, this is posted while I am inside a lecture!

wow, more pwnage than the developers? February 1, 2010

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There are several games in the industry where they allow mods to be added into the game to so that other people can share their self-made mod with the gaming community. Some would be worth to download and try, some, would be a complete shit that its better that they didn’t made that mod at all. One of the few games I always went to download mods to improve the quality of the games are Oblivion and Fallout 3. What are the common thing between these 2 games? They are both made by the same company, Bethesda Softworks. A company that made games I always enjoy, though some of them are not as great as the Elder Scrolls series, but meh, that’s called Trial and Error eh?

Anyway, It’s better to show image to show everyone what a mod could do eh? They can add new contents to the game, or improves the graphics of the game by improving the vanilla texture of the game… Some image shown later will show how good the modders did to make a good mod~

Now this is the original vanilla texture screenshot.. look at how boring it is… But it did surprised the gaming industry when the game was first released in 2006.

Now lets dump in a screenshot of a modded game~ Not sure that if a difference can be seen since the image are compressed…

Lets now look at the textures~ Again, this is the original~

And this is a modded one~ Notice how the texture is more sharp and more crispier than the original one?

Right, one more example… Here is the original….

Now here is a modded one… See the big difference?

Well, here goes saying, you don’t have to be a famed developer to do great things. Great things come from the smallest being… And here we can see that even a modders can do something as great as this… I wonder how long they used to make these mods come to life…

1U… The only nearest Shopping Centre to go to~ January 31, 2010

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Another weekend, and here I thought I am going to do my daily routine. Which is chat with whoever is available in MSN and play some of the games in my computer for the whole day. Until I asked what my son is doing. He told me he need to go to 1U to buy something. I figured since I haven’t have my lunch yet and I prefer the outdoor rather than indoor, I said “Alright, lets go!”. After a few preparation, we set off from Centrepoint by using taxi! Our original plan was to walk to 1U since its only a 20 minute walk, but the weather was hot as a grilling barbeque grill during the noon. When we finally reached 1U, we set off to A&W to calm the beast within us that is about to be unleashed! That’s a bit exaggerating, but then… Love the rootbeer of A&W, still taste like… root beer 🙂 My son ordered a Double Fortune Combo while I ordered a Double Mozza Burger set~

Mah burger, taste like beef of course~

And of course my A&W float… All I tasted is root beer with a pinch of vanilla taste…

After our lunch, we walked around 1U, searching for clothes and stuff like that. Well, my son is the only person who needs to buy things. I am just being his company of the day, after all, no dad in this world would let their son walk around a shopping centre alone! Then we dropped by Sony Centre to visit my brother and ask him whether or not the company is willing to hire my son. Sadly, they only want full-time workers, so… too bad for my son. Then I asked my brother to let me show my skill in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. It is plain awesome… Although the Master Ninja of the game is a bit easier than the full game since its only a demo. You start the game with a fully upgraded weapon compare to the full game. I must say, I had attracted quite a lot of customer with all the slashing and dicing.

After that few minutes gaming session, we kept walking around 1U, and we went inside Jusco to see if we can find what my son is looking for. Somehow I caught my eye on a jacket with the price tag of RM169.90 with 20% discount. I was tempted to buy… But thinking about the chances of me wearing that jacket to public is slim at best, I decided not to, so I asked my son to take a picture of it as a memento~

Haha, I can finally wear a free-size Jacket~ Woohoo~ Many months of dieting sure had proved to be useful~ If only my hair looked better…

After that, we kept walking around hunting for clothes until we met Sean and his friend. Lucky they were there, as it was raining heavily outside. Thanks to them again for sending my son and I back home. After that, I stayed in my son’s house waiting for someone to come back before we go for our dinner in some mamak stall near my house. While waiting, we had some fun screaming in Left 4 Dead 2. Then finally when someone is back, off to mamak we go and we finally had our dinner!

Ah.. another day had passed, a lovely day too~

Is gaming an addiction? Or a hobby? January 30, 2010

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Hmmm, I recently read an article written by a journalist who is a gamer himself. He had written about how gaming is used as his mood regulator back in his high school. Since he rely so much on gaming to control his anxiety due to some past experience, it slowly became an addiction. Every week, he would buy at least 12 games to sate his hunger and passion for gaming. He would work hard enough to get achievements in the Xbox360 to earn the recognition of other gamer and to impress his circle of friends. But as time moves on, he noticed that he needed to stop this addiction once and for all before it destroys his entire life.

Well, the bottom line is, regardless of what those anti-gaming lobbyist who is trying to find any random reason to conclude that gaming is bad for the young generation, gaming isn’t exactly an addiction. It would only be an addiction if you can’t control it at all, just like taking a medication. If you can’t control your medication, you will also be addicted, thus the act of drug abuse had just been acted. Same goes to gaming, if you can’t control the amount of gaming hour you are playing, you are basically abusing everything that you worked hard for. For example, if you love sports before, and you lost the love for sports due to gaming addiction, then that is truly a sad thing. Sacrificing a healthy lifestyle to sate the addiction for game is not a good decision at all.

Even I must admit that I am an addict before. Why? I rely too much on gaming to cure my boredom. I would prefer to lie down on the sofa all day and abuse whatever gaming consoles I could get my hand on. I can spend hours and weeks on a single game just trying to satisfy my hunger for more games. That is the life I used to have before back when I was still in high school. Therefore, I could probably deemed myself an Anti-Social before. No events, no party or trip for me to remember.

However, after coming to Malaysia, I learnt that gaming can’t be solution to everything. It can only be a temporary cure for everything, but sooner or later, you have to stop no matter what. As for me, I am no longer addicted to games since I prefer to have a good social life rather than being a gamer. But regardless of what happened, I am still a gaming enthusiast. I still game in some occasion. And it is after a few weeks since the beginning of 2010, I noticed that to me, gaming had became a hobby instead of an addiction. I would play only when I am completely free. If not, I would prefer to do the otherwise, which is social or sports or some other activity other than gaming. Sleep is also one of it XD

After saying this much, it is truly up to how a person handle their gaming obsession. Would they let gaming control their life or would they control gaming so that they can balance between socializing and gaming? I am certainly sure that I would prefer to socialize more than gaming now…

Vented… January 29, 2010

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After that much keyboard bashing and mousing abusing… I am now cool…. Chilled… Sigh… I just hope that he would at least learn the basic of surviving at least… So that I won’t have to pick up the pieces all the time….

Grow up you idiot…. January 29, 2010

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Ah, another sweet day of mine spoilt by trying to lecturing to my brother regarding the ways of life. He doesn’t seems to be learning at all after living independently in Malaysia for 3 months already. Why? He doesn’t give a shit about the laundry, meaning whatever that he feels dirty, he just dump them all into the bucket, expecting someone to do it for him. What the fuck? I already specified that this time he is doing the laundry and guess what? This happens…

And what’s worse? He is all out of money, and he expect me to buy food for him even though I am home already. GET YOUR OWN FUCKING MEAL for fucksake. You already knew that you are out of money and which part of your rotten brain thought that it is a good time to be a loan shark? C’mon, you gotta think about yourself first before you even bother to care about doing kindness to other!

Lemme put you in a situation… If you are standing on a cliff with some stranger, and something is about to push both of you down the dark abyss, would you save yourself or would you actually be a damn saint and save that stranger? Same case here right? AND DON’T go comparing you and I. I helped because I HAVE NO FUCKING USE FOR THAT PARTICULAR OBJECT that someone need! YOU NEEDED THE CASH TO SURVIVE and you DECIDE TO BORROW IT TO SOMEONE ELSE!!!!


I am Human Again! January 29, 2010

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hooray, this is gonna be a short post only… Just had the feeling to write this down because I am finally a normal human again! Why? I can finally sleep at a normal human sleeping time! Muwahahahahahaha, now that is something worth celebrating!

Before back when this semester begins, I am living the life of a vampire… My whole sleeping time is switched upside down… It is a tiring day especially for days with classes… But now, I am finally a human again! muwahahahahahahahahah!

Get A Cbox? January 28, 2010

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Did someone asked me to go and get a Cbox? Not that I don’t want to.. It’s because I don’t know how to! Someone care to teach me how to implement it into wordpress?

I love my life now :) January 27, 2010

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Well what can I say? I had sacrificed too much of my social life in the name of gaming last year. Now that is the worst sacrifice anyone could ever make. Why? Gaming, is only fitting when it comes to kill some boredom or time. It is not meant to replace your social life or your daily meal. Here is a few point I would like to make regarding the pros and cons of gaming… Even though I am a gaming enthusiast myself, I must stretch this point out.

The Pros/Advantages/Good stuff

  • Amaze at the graphics the game is able to show. ( I will point out the game that amazed me with its graphics) Example of such awesome shits are… Crysis, Oblivion, Risen and etc etc…
  • You get new ideas… (The Maker, The Chantry, The Nine Divines – Now where did all those developers get these ideas?)
  • Who doesn’t want to do something that they can’t do in real life? Such as using a chainsaw to saw someone for more than 5 hour or abusing the naming your character features…
  • You kill time and boredom at the same time, PROFIT!!!

Here, enjoy some snappy shots I took due to excessive creativity~

I’m sure a lot of people want this baby right… Even I wish to drive at least 1Km with this baby…

The Cons/Disadvantages/Shits we get

  • You have no life if you lock yourself in a room for more than 15 hour just to play some games
  • You are at a risk of damaging your eyes in a faster rate than anybody else
  • Back aches and stuff like that…
  • Not everyone gives a shit about how good you are anyway…

I’m pretty sure some would disagree with what I said, but that is the truth in gaming. Being a gamer myself, I know the risk of gaming too much, but sometimes, there is really nothing for me to do other than gaming eh? Muwhaahahahahaha, but regardless, back to the main topic for this post.

I love my life now… Why? I finally learnt how to balance between my gaming time and social time. Social time is solely for socializing only. Mixing with the daily commute in an effort to be an awesome socialite that seems to be hard to achieve most of the time by someone who isn’t that charismatic or attractive…. But I do try my best in being one 🙂

And then when I am sure I have nothing to do, then I will start to be a gamer… Meaning if I have no homework, or no plans for the rest of the days then I will only start to be that poor sod who locks himself in his room playing games all the time (I never locked my room because the lock is broken so my door is opened 24 hour).

Not to mention socializing is much better than gaming… My class is so much fun now… muwahahahaha, I must cherish and love the life I currently have. No more screw ups is allowed! AND I must maintain the habit of cleaning my room everyday! Now that is an achievement that even I myself is amazed at myself… Considering the fact that before I live in a room filled with dust and cobwebs…

And now I must say.. Am I the only one cleaning the room and the toilet all the time? Some people just don’t give a shit at all… And  yes, when I say shit, they literally leave the shit at the toilet bowl without any attempt to wash them away… Now why would anyone be this disgusting???